Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diabetes, Training, and CGM's

I've really been enjoying running lately. Although it's been conversational pace, with just a few miles of hills, I've run 37 miles in the last three days. It feels so great to go out and around Annadel Park, where it's all trail, and the lake in the morning is still, the air is brisk, and I'm pretty stoked.

I usually see enough people to make me feel like I'm not out there alone, but also not too many to be distracted. I forget sometimes how just purely joyful it can be to run. If I stop thinking about time, mileage, my knees, the race, how much faster I should or shouldn't be going, and just remember to not think, and enjoy running for the joy of it, it's great.

The other activity that I've loved lately is biking. Discovering how much fun, peaceful, and beautiful back country roads are has been an adventure. I realized that even though I live in Sonoma county, where there are hundreds of miles of roads to bike on, I've done very little exploring. Lately though I've gotten out there more, and really loved it.

I'm really excited about Barb's race. I'm a little nervous, because I know I'm pretty competitive and I don't want to mess up and go out too fast and use up too much energy, and be toasted for the run. So, I'm really going to try to take it really easy, and not do too much, and just be mellow, and then bike strong, but not too fast and then pick it up for the run.

I've also been thinking a lot about CGM's lately and whether or not I'm justified in asking for one. I understand my doctor's argument, that I can just stop and test. And don't want to assume that I should have one just because I potentially can. But, after having quite a few lows, that really did come along quite suddenly, and thinking about it more, I'm convinced that it really will tell me information that I can't otherwise find out. So, I'm going to email my doctor and continue to write about and focus on the lows. I'd like to go about it just by explaining why I need it, but it seems that Kaiser, (and I imagine other insurance companies) want to see the numbers to even consider it. Although, now I know of two Kaiser patients who have them.

We'll see. The last thing I've been thinking about lately is whether diabetes is considered a disability? Doesn't seem like it is, but I'm always curious when I hear people talk about disabilities.

Tambien me gustaria saber si hay personas que le gustaria leer mi blog en Español? Porque siempre estoy pensando en la posibilidad de escribir en Español, pero no solo para hacerlo por gusto. Si hay gente que le gustaria que yo lo hiciera, me avisan por favor. Estoy disconectada con la comunidad latina, aunque trabajo en Nicaragua y El Salvador, aqui en los EEUU, casi no estoy conectado, y me gustaria estar mas involucrada, especialamente en el area de diabetes.

Bueno, aqui, me dispido, y quizas en los proximos voy a poder incluir unos fotos, y mas informacion. Siempre me gusta oir ideas, comentarios, etc.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Barb's Race 2 weeks away

It's been a while since I have written. Training is going really well. I am really enjoying the program that Andrew set up. A few things especially stand out: bike rides all around Sonoma county, long runs up to Annadel Park, and swimming in Lake Ilsanjo, and just exploring this area in general. I am constantly aware and in awe of what a beautiful place I live in. From the sun, to the redwood trees, the clear water to swim in, and the amazing places to bike; I feel so lucky.

My hamstring was hurting for a while, but that seems to have passed. When it was hurting, I think it was just from overdoing it, and not stretching. I took Arnica internally, put Arnica gel on it, took turmeric and cinnamon (turmeric is supposed to be anti-inflammatory), and I didn't eat gluten for over a week and stretched more, and ran last. Who knows which part of that routine helped, but it already feels better.

This week will be a little tough, with a few brick work outs, but I'm hoping I can find the time to do it all.

And, in less than 2 weeks, Barb's race. I went for a ride along Chalk Hill road, where we will be biking in the race, and it's not as bad as I heard. The hill itself isn't too steep, so I'm hoping it can be done.

More to follow soon.