Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Windsor 1/2 Marathon

This weekend on Sunday, I did the Windsor 1/2 marathon. The course was amazing (i'll put up some pictures soon), the weather was perfect. my brother Chris was running, our friends Jed, Todd, and Jim, and it rocked! Although I didn't feel stellar, I completed it in 1:45. 8:02 minute miles. Not great, but that's okay. I am trying to figure out what's going on with my blood sugars. They seem to be a bit high. I felt pretty great though crossing that finish line. I feel like I'm getting in a little better shape now. And finally getting a little more organized. I'm really looking forward to getting together the Santa Rosa area community on June 5, and then the next weekend the Silicon Valley Triathlon. Also, I spoke to the directors of the Windsor 1/2 and they seemed open and interested in Insulindependence and possibly having it be a charity for next year. we'll see.

In the meantime, I'm exploring changing what I eat a little. I'm eating gluten again, which I was off for a while.

And, this morning I swam almost 2 miles, and ran 6 and feel awesome. If anyone has anything in particular that they'd like to read about, please let me know, because I do well to suggestions, and love to talk!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Up and Running Again

Well, I'm going to see the doctor and hope that will help confirm a minor tissue injury maybe, and I'll be ready to go. I'm really looking forward to going up to Ashland this week and finding some great places to run. It's strange how much I look forward to running again after just a short break. More soon.. and hopefully photos as well. And I think that I'll start writing about stuff other than just my trainings too! Any comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.

Not Running

Well, I still haven't gotten into the regular habit of writing in my blog, but hopefully soon. In the meantime, I have needing to get all of my triabetes info together, from ordering the kits, to the wetsuit, to a local event that i am planning on june 5, as well as june 12. Sometimes it's hard to keep all of the steps required for each event/task organized, unless a specific time each day is devoted to it.

On a different note, my knee hurts. This is the first time that I've actually not run for 3 consecutive days specifically because my knee hurts. I'm icing it, and swimming one-legged. I probably should go to the doctor, but I don't even know if Kaiser has a sports doctor, or who I would see. It's a little hard, as I really want to run, and I have a 1/2 marathon this coming Sunday. I am really trying to be responsible about it, and have not run at all. But it's hard to stick with something like that when you don't know 100% that that will solve it. I also don't know what a doctor would do besides an x-ray, and then I'm not sure I'd want the results of it.

So, I will try to call them and see what I can arrange. In the meantime, it's made me appreciate all the arm strength required in swimming when you are not using 1 leg. Maybe I can bike? i'm not sure. For now, I'm icing it a LOT.

More soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've been oscillating between a caffeine high and a blood sugar low for a while now, despite eating anything that I can find; an orange, old trail mix from my draw, a half a granola bar at the bottom of my purse, and some peanut butter. Eck. It's finally going back up.

I've been thinking about filling out my training schedule, getting all of my stuff in order. Sometimes it's kind of hard to stay on top of everything.

It's been pretty fun having this blog. I also need to acknowledge Johnny for the Betes ideas.

More soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting Started

Well, this is my first blog, and it's pretty exciting. I hope that by doing this, I will not only be able to reflect and articulate my own thoughts, but interact with others as well, whoever that may be.

I think to begin with, much of this will have to do with diabetes, and the year long training and learning process I am about to embark on. But I also anticipate commenting on other things on my mind. I welcome feedback.

I am finally taking the time to get started with wetsuit ordering, filling out a survey, trying to plan my fundraising, regional, and local events. It's overwhelming, but exhilarating at the same time. What a journey.

I'm in the midst still of deciding why I should do which races, the prices, times, readiness, etc. I think that I'll sign up for the Silicon Valley Olympic Triathlon on June 13, and possibly Barb's race on July 31. I guess I'll get around to posting those in a separate place.

It all began in late March, when I received an email and then a phone call back from Peter Nerothin, the ED of Insulin Dependence. He wanted to know if I was still interested in being a Triabetes Team Captain. I wanted to say yes right away, but had to think it over a little, as it involved a pretty huge commitment, both time, financially, and energy. Also, I had to cancel a race that I was planning to run to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Who knows if I would have, but it made me think a lot. Friends and family really helped me think it through, and, knowing that I would be doing the Ironman race with other type 1 diabetics, AND there would be a service component, in that we would be working with younger kids and families with diabetes, I signed up.

First time we all got together was in St. George, Utah April 30 - May 2. What a weekend! I can't believe how interesting it was to get to know everyone else. After the typical nerding out on diabetes things, meters, insulin, blood testing, we really started to learn more about one another. We come from all over the country, and bring such a diverse experience of upbringings, beliefs, habits, outlooks, and more, but we also have so much in common. I found myself really enjoying getting to know each one of the other captains, the ID staff and board members.

And on Saturday, we went and saw the start of this year's Ironman. What a trip. The lake was 55 degrees. We were stuck there for 3 hours, until the last biker left. So, I went for a run (in my jeans), but at least I had my running shoes.

Then, after a quick rest back at the hotel, we went to volunteer on the course. I thought it'd be pretty slow, handing out water, but not too exciting. I was totally wrong. It was amazing. People were so grateful, tired, exhilarated, upbeat, and intense. We handed out cola, picked up trash, and cheered people on for a while. Here is a photo of me there.

It's always so unnerving for me to be in the desert, where the sky is so huge, and the mountains loom high, yet, in such a big expanse of blue, don't seem so steep. It takes a day or two to get used to.
We then saw the finish line at midnight. What a trip! After 17 hours, people are just coming thru, and they have to make it before midnight.

The next morning (Sunday) we went to register for the May 7, 2011 Ironman. We wondered around the expo for while. I was hoping there'd be some cheap or free stuff, but not too much luck there. We took a team photo, packed up and headed to Las Vegas. We went on a beautiful run there, right somewhat near the Hoover Dam. And, then flew home.