Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dexcom Sensors

Since I've begun using the Dexcom sensor, I have to say, it's been amazing to see the direction that my blood sugar is taking. I can see when it's steady, heading up, or heading down. It totally affects what I do, and how I anticipate lows.

Then, I used my last sensor, and didn't have it, and had a low of 28 the other morning. That's pretty low, and I didn't even feel it coming on. So, my first thought was 'great, hope that goes towards the case of getting Kaiser to support my Dexcom sensors' - that's kind of sad to think that way, but it really was helping prevent lows.

This morning, I woke up and it was 42, same thought.

I think I'm having all of these lows, mostly because I am still needing less insulin. But the affect of knowing what direction my blood sugar is going, and how quickly it is moving in that direction, which is what the Dexcom provides is really amazing. Hopefully insurance companies will figure out that it actually does improve their bottom line to have diabetics have them and consequently have less lows. But for now, I guess we just keep making the case. And documenting those low blood sugars.


  1. email your doctor every time you have a low like that. I would email about the 28 and that you didn't feel it coming on! That is very similar to my situation before I got the dexcom.

  2. I love my DexCom! Sometimes it's totally off, and that's frustrating, but otherwise I love to see my trends. I need to be better about tracking it and adjusting my insulin accordingly, though.